Gaggenau Cooktop Full Induction

Gaggenau Cooktop Full Induction

  • Manufacturer: Gaggenau

Freely arranging up to six pots is now possible thanks to the new Gaggenau Full Induction tops: a single intelligent surface that will allow you to make complex and elaborate cooking, with great comfort and freedom of movement. Full Induction tops are available in models with the surface in glass-ceramic 90 and 80 cm wide with 17 power levels with booster function, in two possible aesthetic variants. Installed flush or resting on the work surface, if fitted with a Gaggenau 3mm stainless steel laser-cut frame, they can be perfectly combined with Vario 400 series tops with gas Wok, Teppan Yaki and electric grill.


Induction: efficient and safe technology

Induction is an innovative cooking method that uses the principles of electromagnetism to generate the heat needed to heat the pots used in food preparation. Under the glass-ceramic, there are coils that, with the passage of electric current inside them, create an electromagnetic field in the area above, where the pot is placed. Inside the bottom of the pots is present the iron, the only material that is heated by the action of the electromagnetic field, thanks to a physical principle called "resonance". This means that the heat is transmitted only to the bottom of the pan, while the glass-ceramic and the rest of the hob remain cold, thus ensuring effective and extremely safe use for the user



Gaggenau technology:
Thanks to the special micro inductors, 48 ​​in the 80 cm model and 56 in the 90 cm model, positioned under the glass-ceramic slab, the Full Induction cooktops can recognize and heat whatever pot is placed on it. Thanks to the sophisticated electronic software, the plan reads the position, the shape, the size and the possible inclination of the pot. This guarantees the user unparalleled cooking freedom. All with precise control of settings and power via a simple and intuitive TFT touch control display.




  • Unique cooking surface
  • Total freedom to position the pan over the entire surface
  • The entire surface of the cooking area can be used
  • TFT touch display for quick and intuitive control of all functions
  • Cooking Sensor function for accurate temperature control


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