Choosing the right chair is not as easy as it seems. There is such a vast choice on the market that it can confuse even the most determined. Before buying an armchair, it's essential to keep in mind where we want to place it and the style to which we must match it. For example, a leather armchair fits perfectly into a classic living room but can also be used to give a vintage touch to a more modern environment. Instead, an armchair upholstered in removable textile could be ideal for those who have pets at home. Let's not forget that, space permitting, we can place an armchair in the bedroom, in a studio and in an unused corner to create a personal relaxation area. In this section, we propose a selection of leather armchairs and fabric armchairs, armchair bed particularly suitable for small spaces, upholstered armchairs and reclining armchairs, perfect for relaxing after a long day.