21st Angelica chair

21st Angelica chair

  • Manufacturer: 21st

The inspiration comes from the Italian chivalrous poem The Orlando in love ‐ “L’Orlando innamorato” ‐, a work left unfinished that allows for personalized interpretations: a knight and a princess, protagonists of enchanted fairy tales, two names that tell Italian tradition, art and history of people with strong cultural roots. And here come the chair Angelica and the table Orlando, meant to be together, but their strong identity gives them the strength to be also lonely protagonists.

Angelica, a sinuous chair characterized by large areas that expand in contrast with precise and stretched lines, creating a natural game of light and shadow. A distinctive aesthetic line that allows us to see always new details looking at Angelica from any point of view.

A resolute Silhouette which is at the same time comfortable, functional, harmonious.

Designer: Moredesign

Dimensions: L 61 x P 61,5 x H 44,5/88 cm


Price on request

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