Gervasoni Brick 32/33/34/36 Table

Gervasoni Brick 32/33/34/36 Table

  • Manufacturer: Gervasoni

Brick 32/33/34/36 Table is characterize by its contemporary design, that combine the classic and the modern styles. In fact, the base is made with carefully selected hornbeam trunk section, whereas the top is in waxed iron plate. This table is available in different dimensions: it can be used both like a dining table and like a piece of furniture in your living room. It is available in the following versions: square, rectangular and round. 


Designer: Paola Navone


Square Brick 32 : W 100 x D 100 x H 74 cm 

Rectangular Brick 33 : W 240 x D 100 x H 74 cm 

Rectangular Brick 34 : W 200 x D 100 x H 74 cm 

Square Brick 36: D 120 x H 74 cm 


€2.336,00 €1.962,00

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