Devina Nais Brooklyn Table Extendable

Devina Nais Brooklyn Table Extendable

  • Manufacturer: Devina Nais

Brooklyn extension table with wooden top and standard extension.
The majestic thickness of every port of Brooklyn table discloses the determination of those who are not afraid to show  their character. A choice of good taste incredibly easy, thanks to a balance of proportions, essential and modern design and the authentic colour of wood.



L200/250XH76XP100 (0,60m3 - 162kg)

L250/300XH76XP110 (0,70m3​ - 185kg)

Additional extension (stored under top):

L50XP100 SP 2,2 (0,05m3 - 8kg)

L50XP110 SP 2,2 (0,05m3 - 8kg)


Tables equipped with extensions with aluminium guides without wheels under the leg.
Leg 20X20 cm, thickness top 10cm.


Price on request
TA200ABKN L200/250XH76XP100

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