B&B Italia B&B Atoll Sofa

B&B Italia B&B Atoll Sofa

  • Manufacturer: B&B Italia

The designer Antonio Citterio in designing this sofa has sought a balanced aesthetic shape, a decisive contemporary style. The B&B Atolls sofa is characterized by an extreme elegance, thanks to the extreme research in the quality of the materials. The sofa is available in different sizes, so it is possible build your sofa on the need of each one. B&B Atoll sofa turns out to be a dynamic project, with a degree of compositional adaptation that is always new and with the possibility of creating multiple types of seating, from more informal relaxation to more formal ones, thanks also to the use of complementary back cushions. The structures have light and thin lines, in two different finishes (petro and black chrome).


Designer: Antonio Citterio

Dimensions: AT205 Sofa: L 204,5 x W 97,5 x H 66/86 cm
AT255 Sofa: L 254,5 x W 97,5 x H 66/86 cm
Composition AT001:  L 394 x W 97,5 x H 66/86 cm
Composition AT002:  L 387 x W 97,5 x H 66/86 cm
Composition AT003:  L 394,5 x W 97,5 x H 66/86 cm
Composition AT004:  L 295 x W 204,5 x H 66/86 cm
Composition AT005:  L 345 x W 247,5 x H 66/86 cm
Composition AT006:  L 345 x W 247,5 x H 66/86 cm
Composition AT007:  L 344,5 x W 394,5 x H 66/86 cm
Composition AT008:  L 344,5 x W 387,5 x H 66/86 cm
Composition AT009:  L 395 x W 287,5  x H 66/86 cm



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AT205 Sofa
AT255 Sofa
Composition AT001
Composition AT002
Composition AT003
Composition AT004
Composition AT005
Composition AT006
Composition AT007
Composition AT008
Comosition AT009

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