Bonaldo Planet coffee table

Bonaldo Planet coffee table

  • Manufacturer: Bonaldo

Harmonious shape as the main value: the geometric sophistication of a semi-sphere plays the starring role in the domestic environment.Planet is a collection of coffee tables with a satin finish aluminium frame or painted in a variety of colours and a table top in a host of different finishes. It is available in two sizes (Planet and Big Planet). The Planet Light and Big Planet Light variants have internal lighting and are available with extra light glass table top painted white or acid-treated white.


Designer: Gino Carollo


Planet D 96 x H 33 cm

Planet light (with light) D 96 x H 33 cm

Big Planet D 117 x H 25 cm

Planet light (with light) D 117 x H 25 cm




Price on request
Planet D 96 cm
Planet Light D 96 cm
Big Planet D 117 cm
Big Planet Light D 117 cm

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