Gervasoni Ghost Pouf

Gervasoni Ghost Pouf

  • Manufacturer: Gervasoni

The series Ghost poufs, designed by Paola Navone, are characterized by essential lines that fit well to the living areas. The Ottoman upholstered is in polyurethane foam, with fully removable covers. 


Designer: Paola Navone

Ghost 06P: L 74 x W 83 x H 42 cm (Made by Base + Cushion)

Ghost 07: L 85 x L85 X H85 cm
Ghost 08: L 90 x W 90 x H 40 cm

C. Ghost 08 (Big Cushion): L 80 x W 120 x H 30 cm 


Price on request
Pouf Ghost 06P (L 74 x W 83 cm)
Pouf Ghost 08 (L 90 x W 90 cm)
C.Ghost 08 Big Cushion (L 80 x W 120 cm)
Pouf Ghost 07 85 x 85 x H42

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