Nomon Mixto clock

Nomon Mixto clock

  • Manufacturer: Nomon

Add cutting edge minimalism to the home with this Mixto clock from Nomon. Beautifully simplistic in design, this clock has short hands and dot hour markers. At 3, 6, 9 & 12 o’clock the dot markers are replaced with a single line, giving the piece a futuristic quality. Made from polished & chromed steel, it has been expertly hand crafted in Spain with German mechanisms, and due to the artisanal finishes on each timepiece, no two clocks in the Nomon range are quite the same. The hour markers can be placed wherever desired, giving you complete control over your timepiece and allowing you to make the Mini OJ clock as large or small as the space requires.


Designer: Josè Maria Reina


Mixto i diameter 110 cm

Mixto n diameter 125 or 155 cm

Mixto g diameter 125 or 155 cm


Price on request
Mixto i
Mixto n
Mixto g

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