B&B Italia Overscale Candles

B&B Italia Overscale Candles

  • Manufacturer: B&B Italia

These candles look like real sinuous sculptures, enclosed by a simple and clean metal structure. Like a precious jewel, this object becomes a real piece of furniture: this accessory is meantto be put on display rather than lit. Three table shapes from 20 cm to 50 cm.

Designer: Jean-Marie Massaud

Dimensions: Horizontal: L 43,5 x W 11,5 x H 20 cm
Vertical: L 19,5 x W 10 x H 49 cm
Vertical: L 12,5 x W 12,5 x H 25 cm 

Price on request
Vertical Oversclae Candles: L 12,5 x H 25 cm
Vertical Overscale Candle:  L 19,5 x H 49 cm
Horizontal Overscale Candle: L 43,5 x H 20 cm

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