Lago Air Wildwood bed

Lago Air Wildwood bed

  • Manufacturer: Lago

Air Wildwood is a bed where the transparency and perfection of glass contrast with the physicality, warmth and "imperfection" of wood. The choice to introduce wood in the Lago finishes arises precisely from a desire for distinction: wood is ancestral, warm, welcoming. The Wildwood finish has a texture that enhances the natural grain of the wood and shows signs of the passage of time. It is a wood in which imperfection and grain are the real added value of the product.  The Haywood finish is distinguished by a warm hay tone obtained thanks to a particular thermal ageing process. The Agewood top, on the other hand, is suitable for those who love wood with marked grain. The wood structure is untainted by dyes and treated only with the natural extractives that, using a unique heat process, saturate the fibres and the grains, enhancing the design. An LED lamp under-floor lighting is available. On request, it is possible to order the Kamasutra bed base with frame.


Models available:

Freestanding base and wall-mounted headboard.

Freestanding base and wall mounted


Designer: Daniele Lago



Headboard: H53-H75

Bed height: 32/42





Panel for fixing to plasterboard wall on request
Price on request
Freestanding Base and wall mounted headboard
Wall-mounted base and headboard

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