V - ZUG Combi-Steam MSLQ Microwave Oven

V - ZUG Combi-Steam MSLQ Microwave Oven

  • Manufacturer: V - ZUG

A reliable and multi-faceted companion for everyday life
Baking bread, making a cheesecake, defrosting a meal: V-ZUG microwaves can be used to prepare the widest array of meals so that they retain their vitamins without using any grease or salt. Discover the wide range of practical functions and programmes offered by our microwaves.The new Combi-Stearm MSLQ by V-ZUG integrates for the first time in a single device three different modes of convencional cooking, steam and microwave. The three different types of cooking and their combination finally make it possible to cook even more particularly sophisticated recipes, as well as fresh food or cooked food previously and then put vacuum-sealed, or to heat up the dishes already prepared.
The MLSQ model is equipped with an exclusive Power Steam function that automatically combines steaming with the microwave oven - not to limit itself to just the food, accelerating any other type of preparation and reducing the cooking time to a third of the oven and steam without altering the nutritive properties.
In addition to the exclusive feature of microwave this model has a regeneration function for dishes already cooked which, combining steam and hot air, allows you to reheat food in a particularly delicate way preserving fragrances and aromas.
With the exclusive PowerPlus function you can therefore combine the three different cooking modes as you like and without limitations: steam and microwave, to prepare in a moment fresh vegetables and rich of vitamins, or conventional heat combined with steam and microwave for example, quickly churn out perfect fish in a bread crust.

Dimensions: L 59,6 x W 56,9 x H 59,8 cm

55-liter double glazing chamber
Door in 4-layer tempered glass
Multilingual color touch display and adjustment knob
Automatic opening of 1 liter tank door
Timer with acoustic signal and legal synchronization.

Exclusive V-ZUG:
Climate sensors
Steaming and Vacuisine
PowerRigeneration (combined automatic regeneration with microwave)
PowerVapore (steam combined automatically with microwave)
Professional baking bread
Automatic cooking
Soft Roasting (automatic low temperature automatic cooking)
Automatic regeneration
EasyCook with cooking tips
Wellness / Oshibori function
Quick temperature lowering



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