V - ZUG Combair-Steam XSL 45 cm Steam Oven

V - ZUG Combair-Steam XSL 45 cm Steam Oven

  • Manufacturer: V - ZUG

Cook and bake with ease, clean without the stress
V-ZUG's ovens have been designed to make sure that every process is as easy as possible. Thanks to their equipment and exquisite materials, all cooking and baking is fun, even the cleaning up afterwards.
There are many benefits to this oven:
EasyCook - tips on settings for the right operating mode
GourmetGuide - easy preparation thanks to automatic programmes
Effortless cleaning with pyrolysis and sophisticated materials

Dimensions: L 59,6 x W 56,9 x H 45,4 cm

51 liters double glazed cooking compartment
Door in 3-layer tempered glass
Multilanguage color display with adjustment knob
Automatic opening of 1 liter tank door
Timer with acoustic signal and daylight saving time synchronization.

Model also available with water connection

Ventilated cooking (30-230 C)
High humidity ventilated cooking
Ventilated cooking combined with steam
Integrated decalcification program
Hygiene program

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