V - ZUG Adora SL Dishwasher

V - ZUG Adora SL Dishwasher

  • Manufacturer: V - ZUG

Wash away your worries about energy and water consumption
One thing is certain: a dishwasher consumes much less energy and water than when you wash up by hand. This is particularly true of V-ZUG dishwashers – they are among the best when it comes to the environment. Washing your dishes in a dishwasher saves time and is a lot more economical and environmentally friendly than washing up by hand. While washing up by hand uses around 40 litres of water, an Adora SL uses just 5 litres in its automatic programme. If the dishwasher is connected to a warm water supply, you can also set up a special function, which allows the Adora SL to consume as much as 90% less energy.

The Swiss-made Adora SL dishwasher with heat pump is the fastest, most economical, most flexible and most convenient dishwasher for household use. Washing up has never been faster. The Party programme on the new Adora washes glasses and party tableware in 11 minutes flat. That’s a world record! Discover the Adora. Washing up has never been more flexible. The Adora can handle large gatherings of up to 14 people, parties, creative cooking and baking, and long days at the office. Get to know the Adora.
Washing up has never been more economical! Thanks to the only dishwasher to feature a heat pump. You save 30% compared with the best energy rating A+++. Discover the Adora.
Washing up has never been more convenient. The Silent programme is very quiet at just 37 decibels and the SteamFinish programme leaves no marks. Discover the Adora!

Available in both Extra Height and Standard versions.

DImensions: Adora SL Extra Height: L 59,6 x W 57,2 x H 84,5 - 96,1 cm
Adora SL Standard: L 59,6 x W 57,2 x H 78 - 89,2 cm

Display 12 languages
13 place settings
10 programs Anti-flooding system
Child safety
All-in-one pad option
Automatic door opening
Forced drying system
Departure delayed 24 hours
LED interior lighting visible from the outside
Water saving tank with 36 hours autonomy equipped with water turbidity sensor
Possibility of connecting hot water (saving up to 90% of energy)
Water jet on 3 levels

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