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Several factors are contributing to the change in the layout of the kitchen, which has always represented the heart of domestic activities. First of all, the “cooking mania” has given the kitchen more and more centrality in the domestic scene, pushed by food bloggers, chefs’ videos, cooking programs, and also by the constant sharing of meals on social media. Another cause that has accelerated innovation in the kitchen is undoubtedly growing (and correct) attention to sustainability and energy saving. Finally, we add all this to the advancement of technology, and here ever more “smart” appliances are born that can effectively manage the cooking, storage and aspiration of fumes and odours, making food preparation more and more pleasant.

In modern kitchens, everything is simpler, more comfortable and safer. The induction hob continually monitors the temperature according to the type of food, while efficient and silent suction systems capture odours directly from the hob. The taps filter the water that comes out natural, sparkling or already heated to 100 °. Finally, if there is any portion left, the refrigerator continuously balances temperature, humidity and power for optimal preservation. Another advantage of the smart kitchen is the invaluable help it can provide to the forgetful and to those who already have too many things on their mind to think about the housework. For example, by connecting the appliances to a smartphone, it is always possible to check what is eft in the fridge (thanks to cameras positioned inside it), and in the case of lights being forgotten on, just touch an app to turn them off.



Smells and smoke cannot rise because they are absorbed where they develop: directly on the hob from pots, pans and grills. The grease particles that result from the cooking of food are collected by a special grease filter. Quiet, easy to clean (thanks to the moving parts) and, above all, energy-saving due to the speed of aspiration, the Bora range is divided into three lines: Bora Basic, Classic and Professional.



Bora Piano Cottura con Aspiratore Professional



Induction is an innovative cooking method that uses the principle of electromagnetism to generate the heat needed to heat the pots used in food preparation. Thanks to the new Gaggenau Full Induction hobs, it is now possible to freely use up to six pans: a single intelligent surface allows you to perform complex and elaborate cooking with great comfort and freedom of movement. The Full Induction tops are available in models with 90 and 80 cm-wide glass ceramic surface, 17 power levels and a booster function in two aesthetic variants.



Gaggenau Piano Cottura Full Induction



Blue Home is a domestic filtration and refrigeration system that delivers mixed running water and fresh filtered water, both natural and sparkling, from the same tap.With Grohe Red,press a button to have 100 ° hot filtered water.



Grohe Blue Home 



With Family Hub, you only buy what you really need thanks to three internal cameras that allow you to control, via an app, what’s in the fridge. The internet connection allows you to buy online directly from the fridge, browse through recipes, sports and current events. Integrated stereo speakers will enable you to listen to playlists and radio programs. Thanks to phone mirroring you can connect the contents of your smartphone.



Samsung Family Hub


Artemide automatically recognizes the type of lamp installed and assigns it a specific icon. You can change the light in real time, use pre-set scenarios and create new ones. The interface is very intuitive, and the settings can be shared among multiple users via the cloud. The application can manage up to 500 single devices or in groups, but can easily be used as a daily tool in the private sector.