Bathroom decorating ideas | Turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis

Over the centuries, the bathroom has played an essential role in people’s lives. Baths have always been the place to improve your appearance, take care of your hygiene and relax. The first records date back to ancient Hindu civilizations in 3000 BC. Still, there is also evidence of the use of baths Egyptian culture. The Greeks considered the bathroom as a fulfilment of physical activity, while in Roman times, the wealthiest people spent much time in public baths to socialize and conclude mercantile exchanges. Going forward over the centuries, it seems that Louis XIV considered it completely normal to receive his interlocutors, even when he was in the bathroom!

Nowadays, the bathroom continues to be an essential space to relax and take care of ourselves, also if we are no longer as shameless as the Sun King (luckily, I would say). The modern bathroom is becoming more and more a place of well-being, where every accessory is always more comfortable and functional. Today, the bathroom is a room to live in, and for this reason, it must be in harmony with the other furnishing elements of your home. The concept of a smart home comes even in this room: automatic cleaning functions, voice commands, intelligent mirrors and a shower that knows your water temperature and favourite playlist. Now let’s see some ideas to optimize and furnish this vital room in our house and what the new bathroom trends are.




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The grand return of this year’s wallpapers also involves the bathroom. Combining the colour of the walls with a nice wallpaper is an excellent solution to give new life to the bathroom, without changing the furniture. There are many designs to choose from, so it is easy to find one that fits your style. Make sure you buy a wallpaper explicitly made for the bathroom, designed to withstand heat and humidity.



We know geometric games deceive the eye. Using similar tiles for the floor and wall makes it difficult to understand where each starts and ends, making the space seem bigger than it is. For the floor, it is better not to choose tiles with too elaborate designs and then re-propose on the wall one of the accent tones to create a sense of continuity.

Modernizing lighting can considerably improve the appearance of the bathroom. You can use the direct light to illuminate the most functional areas of the bathroom, such as the mirror or sink. For general lighting, opt for a softer light to use, for example, when you want to take a relaxing bath. A design lamp could be the decorative touch that changes the character of the bathroom. For more advice on how to light the bathroom, we suggest our previous article “A room by room guide to getting the light right in your home”.



Another simple way to personalize the bathroom and make it even more relaxing is to add a touch of nature. The good news is that you don't need to have a green thumb to decorate with plants. Some species love hot and humid temperatures, so they are perfect for decorating the bathroom without requiring constant care.


To modernize the look of the bathroom quickly and without big budgets, change the curtains or add a self-adhesive window film. When choosing a bathroom curtain, for obvious privacy reasons, do not focus only on style but also on the practicality of the closing mechanisms and the transparency of the fabric.


Adding accessories and finishing touches can enhance the appearance of a room. In the case of the bathroom, an elegant set of towels, a refined soap dish, candles and vases will allow you to create a new style easily replaceable with every change of trend.



All the rooms in our house are experiencing a technological transformation. The bathroom is no exception. Mirrors, bathtubs, showers, cabinets and toilets have been updated to be part of the smart home concept, where everything is connected, intelligent and functional. To get a smart bathroom and make it more comfortable and relaxing, you can replace some elements of the furniture. For example, there are now many types of intelligent mirrors, such as a Noken Lounge mirror. This high-tech mirror never mists up, even after a hot shower, thanks to the heating function. For the most demanding, smart mirrors by Remer are anti-fog, equipped with motion sensors, digital clock and special LED lights. This technology changes the intensity and the temperature of the lights from warm to cold, depending on the need. Obviously, the Bluetooth is included!

In the modern bathroom, everything is more technological. The shower becomes a multi-sensory experience thanks to the digital controls that regulate water, light, sounds and fragrances. Besides, the heated toilet seat also has an integrated air freshener.



The 2019 bathroom furniture characteristic is a minimal design and linear solution for a simple but refined aesthetic. New bathroom trends include increasingly compact washbasins and bathroom furniture. Suspended sanitary fixtures, even with particular shapes, are real design objects.

Natural materials give the bathroom a sense of intimacy and warmth. When choosing bathroom furnishings, you have to focus on the quality of the materials because it is an environment where humidity and chemical agents can ruin the surfaces in a short time. Stone and marble are perfect elements to furnish the bathroom with a perfect combination of elegance and strength.



The proposal for bathtubs reflects the recent inclination to recreate a wellness area in the bathroom. White is the dominant colour, and even in this case, essential lines prevail. The bathtub, with its sculptural appearance, becomes the undisputed star of the bathroom. Showering also becomes a sensory experience. The new digital systems connect water, light, sounds and fragrances to give you a moment of relaxation worthy of a spa.




Furnishing a large bathroom is not as easy as it seems. There are many elements to coordinate, and it is more challenging to make it cosy. But once you find the right inspiration, a large room can be turned into a dream bathroom.

First, you need to choose the colours. If the bathroom is white or grey, complimentary items with bolder tints like red or blue can be combined. Whatever the colour of preference, remember that the darker tones create more intimate atmospheres while lighter tones make the room more open and airy.

When decorating large spaces, you can choose to play with shapes, designs and textures. For example, you can choose a geometric pattern for the tiles and reproduce one of the details of the plot in the furniture and accessories. This technique will visually blend all the elements, and the bathroom will not seem too crowded and chaotic.

According to research by Bathstore, we spend between 105 and 85 minutes a week in the bathroom. So, why not turn it into a relaxation area where you can escape from stress? In a large bathroom, you can create a seating area by adding an armchair, or even better, a chaise-longue. Here, you can lie down and maybe enjoy a relaxing tea before or after a nice, hot bath.



In a large bathroom, the bathtub can become the protagonist of the furniture, the focal point of the whole room. A freestanding bathtub immediately gives character and personality to the entire environment. There are many bathtub models to combine with the style of the bathroom, from classic to modern or retro. Where space (and budget) allow, the addition of an important architectural feature such as a fireplace immediately makes the environment special.

To complete decorating a large bathroom, take care of the functional bathroom accessories: towel rails, toilet paper holder, soap dish and other small accessories. Don’t forget to add additional details that can make the bathroom even more welcoming, such as a courtesy set. You can also think of bringing a little greenery in the bathroom by placing fresh flowers or ornamental plants, but be careful to choose those that can live in wet areas!

The full-length mirror, which allows you to see a complete look, is a must-have in the bathroom, especially if it is large. Besides, the mirrors can make the environment seem even more spacious (for more details read “Decorating with mirrors | How to make the house look bigger and brighter”).




Classic design never goes out of fashion. An elegant style is timeless and adapts to small or large bathrooms of any shape. Carefully chosen furnishing accessories, the right accessories and well-positioned mirrors can create a sophisticated environment that will not tire with time.

The colour white is known for its ability to create a sense of elegance. However, for some, too much white might be a bit boring. So, why not combine accessories or gold details? As an alternative to white, we recommend grey as the primary palette and gold as an accent. The luxury effect is assured. Instead, for Zen atmospheres lovers, we recommend the classic brown/beige combination. Beige is a neutral colour, available in different shades, and is ideal for decorating the bathroom with refinement.



A remarkable chandelier can be an excellent option to decorate the bathroom. Lights are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes to adapt to the different styles and room sizes. A chandelier will give an extra touch of elegance and can be used to emphasize the focal points of the room, such as a bathtub. If you decide to hang a chandelier, be careful to follow all the security codes by choosing appliances also classified for wet or damp environments. If your bathroom is too small or the ceilings are too low, but you still want to create a romantic atmosphere, one or more candle holders could be a good alternative. Even in this case, do not underestimate security.



Mirrors are available in a wide range of models, styles and shapes. They are essential elements in the bathroom. In a small one, a mirror can give the impression of a larger space and provide more light to the whole environment. If the bathroom is large enough, a good option is to place a pair of elegant mirrors in symmetry. This kind of mirror setting will give a sense of balance and order.



The bathroom, large or small, with the right furniture can quickly become a luxurious and modern sanctuary where you can relax. The modern design bases are simple, clean and minimalist lines.

Natural materials play a crucial role in defining a modern bathroom. Wood, marble, raw stone and glass create a modern look and a restful atmosphere. The environment must not be totally white or have a sterile appearance. A combination of warm neutral colours, wood and stone, can create a modern and very welcoming environment.



Minimalist shapes characterize sanitary fixtures in a modern bathroom. To give a sense of lightness, choose a suspended toilet, bidet and washbasin. A glass or crystal shower provides the room with a more modern look and makes the space brighter. For a better result, it is better to install the shower plate directly at floor level or with a reduced height, rather than a high floor.



The choice of lighting is also an essential part of creating a modern style. A lamp with a geometric and linear design would seem the most obvious choice. Still, even an unexpected shape in contrast with the straight lines of the surrounding furnishings can be of great effect. As we have said many times, every detail counts. To have a modern catalogue bathroom, you should not underestimate the look of your heating system. An elegant and discreet radiator helps to improve the appearance of the interior environment and enhance the other design element.