Decorating with mirrors | How to make the house look bigger and brighter.

Mirrors are a valuable ally for improving a room in different ways. They can personalize the home by adding a touch of originality, used to decorate the walls elegantly or be strategically positioned for enhancing the appearance of a room.


Mirrors deceive the eye and immediately make every room seem brighter and more spacious. For example, by placing mirrors on one or more walls, the room will instantly appear larger. You can also opt for a tall mirror that draws the eye towards the ceiling, making any room look more spacious. Another little trick is to place a mirror near the window to reflect natural light by making it bounce off the room, thus creating an illusion of depth.


In short, these little tricks can improve the aspect of the whole house. Furthermore, decorating with mirrors is also an exciting option for renewing the look of any room without having to upset all the furniture.


There is a vast selection of mirrors on the market, from rectangular to round, countertop or wall-mounted, large or small mirrors with which to enjoy creating new combinations. But how to choose the most suitable mirror to furnish your home? The right mirror should be selected according to your taste, but also according to the effect you want to achieve in different environments. Here are some ideas for how to use mirrors to play with space and light.


A large rectangular mirror at the end of the corridor can make it seem longer. But be careful: If the corridor is also narrow, it’s better to apply the mirrors on the sides to make it look wider. But let’s not forget the primary function of this accessory! Placing a mirror at the entrance will also be very useful for giving a last glance to the look before leaving the house.


                       Mirror Phantom - FIAM                                     Mirror Keystone - Devina Nais         


In the living room, a mirror can be used to give a touch of originality. The classic round or rectangular mirror works well with almost any style, but sometimes, being daring with an unconventional shape can give surprising results. Moreover, remember that a large mirror is always effective and makes the room appear much more spacious.



                                                                                                        Mirror Adele - Modà                                             Mirror Diamond - Cattelan


For the bedroom, a large mirror is ideal for brightening up the room. Of course, a large mirror can’t fit in a small room, so in this case, a smaller mirror positioned above the bed’s keyboard can be the right solution.


specchio replica

                  Mirror Replica - Modà                                          Mirror Sweet - Gervasoni       


The mirror can also be the final touch of colour and light in the children’s room. In this case, safety is the priority, so it is better to choose safety glass and splinter-proof materials.


         Mirror Cornery- Nidi Battistella                                                   Mirror Window - Nidi Battistella


In the bathroom, the mirror is an essential accessory. In this case, too, the size of the room will be the first key element of the decision. The second point to keep in mind is the style of the furniture; in fact, the size of the mirror depends very much on the final effect you want to create. For example, large and rectangular mirrors are more classic, while to give a more modern style, it is better to choose a mirror without a frame or with a particular shape.



                                                                          Mirror Elle - Modà                                            Mirror Inside - Tommasella                                                                       


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