Battistella - Nidi Join Chair

Battistella - Nidi Join Chair

  • Manufacturer: Battistella - Nidi

Cute and comfortable, the Join chair is available in five different colours: white, red, green, avio and yellow. Very light, therefore easy to move even for children. All the chairs with wheels are equipped with scratch-proof rubber and are adjustable in height through a gas piston.



Chair with wheels (base R1): L 55 x D 53 x H 88 cm
Chair with whells (R8 base): L 61 x D 58 x H 88 cm
Chair without wheels (R3 base): L 46 x P 55 x H 86 cm
Chair without wheels (R4 base) L 46 x P 55 x H 86 cm



€152,00 €129,00
Join Chair with wheels (base R1)
Join Chair with laquered base (base R3)
Join chair with white metal base (base R4)
Chair with wheels (base R8)

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