"Outdoor I'm more relaxed for some reason..." (Ashley Morrow)

B&B OUTDOOR - Choosing outdoor furniture could be not that easy. When choosing outdoor furniture you have to make sure they are in line with those already present in the house. The reason for this is quite easy to explain: in this way we can create continuity between interior and exterior spaces and the house as a whole is enhanced. Once you find the style, you have to buy the furnishings that are needed in the space outside, without sparing on furniture you need, but not even exaggerating buying accessories that may not ever be used. In the choice of outdoor furniture, you have to consider where this furniture will be arranged to take advantage of the possible available space and enhance the furniture making it more efficient and functional. The choice of material for outdoor furniture is essential. The first thing to consider in the selection of outdoor furniture is their place in the garden, in order to identify the best material possible. If the furniture is intended to stay protected, under a roof or in a porch, you can choose the ones made of bamboo and wicker, two durable materials, but unfortunately easily attackable by the weather. Otherwise, if your outdoor furniture will be placed in the middle of the garden, perhaps under a removable sunshade, you can choose plastic or wood, although in this case, you need to be sure that it was treated against the aggressiveness of water and sun. The latter observation also applies to the fabric parts. cushions and upholstery fabric, in fact, are extremely delicate and likely to deteriorate quickly (but in this case the sun is definitely worse than rain), making it unpleasant at sight. this is also the reason why you should always choose high-quality furniture.