How to decorate a terrace: tips and ideas

When we design our customers’ homes, we are often in charge of improving the terraces and courtyards as well. Basically, in creating the outdoor space, we create a colour combination that extends to no more than three shades and that follows the style of the interior, in such a way as to develop a sense of harmony and continuity. In general, the key is to choose simple furnishings and maintain symmetry as much as possible. Furthermore, clean and linear lines will never go out of style. Choosing essential furnishing accessories does not mean creating a banal environment, but it is the basis for giving life to the form we want. To create personality and enhance the terrace, we focus on particular and functional decorative elements. In essence, lamps, lanterns, coloured candles, pouffes and tables help to create the right atmosphere and give a personal touch to any outdoor space. Of course, these basic concepts must then be adapted and deepened according to the type of external environment that we have to furnish.

For those of you who want to take full advantage of your outdoor space, we have compiled a short list of simple and effective ways to furnish different sorts of terraces.


How to decorate a small terrace


Even a small terrace can become a comfortable corner where you can relax outdoors. When choosing furniture, give priority to space-saving and multifunctional furniture such as folding chairs and tables, or pouffes and benches that also act as containers. To leave the floor as free as possible, make the most of angles and heights. Railings and shelves can contain houseplants to create small vertical gardens.


Don’t forget about lighting! Chains of lights and hanging lanterns not only allow you to save a few more centimetres but also give the terrace a poetic air. The final touch can be an outdoor rug resistant to water and UV rays that will allow you to embellish the style of the furniture and to create a more welcoming setting.



How to decorate a large terrace


A large terrace allows you to create a corner of paradise in your home. Having large surfaces available dramatically increases the options in terms of choice of style, type of furniture and variety of accessories. The only drawback is that, as the available options increase, the possibility of making the wrong decision also increases!


Design, therefore, takes on an even more critical role. Before starting to choose the furniture, the orientation of the terrace must be taken into consideration to understand how the sunlight arrives in the several hours of the day. Depending on the result of this operation, you can evaluate whether to insert a tent or more umbrellas, or consider the idea of ​​creating a cover that allows you to always have a shaded area during the day and a shelter from the humidity during the evening hours. Simple wooden structures are easy to build, allow you to take full advantage of the outdoor space all year round and guarantee an adequate level of privacy.


Finally, we move on to the preparation of electrical outlets, and where possible, taps to have running water at hand to water the plants and to quickly clean the terrace. Only after following these steps, you can start compiling a list of all the furnishings and accessories to buy.



How to decorate a penthouse terrace


Furnishing the terrace of a penthouse may seem complicated, but in reality, to make the most of this space, follow some precautions. The first thing to consider when choosing to furnish a penthouse terrace is the orientation of the house and the primary intended use. Do you want to use your outdoor space for intimate dinners, family lunches, relaxing or parties with friends? It is better not to occupy all the available space to make room for the various possibilities of use. In any case, regardless of the intended use, there are fundamental elements to consider.


First: the choice of plants. There are many styles, from the Provencal with terracotta pots containing coloured flowers, fragrant lavender and aromatic plants to a more zen style with white pebbles that combine with green or a modern-style jungle with large leafy and very showy plants. Whatever your favourite, don’t forget that the terrace is an extension of the house, so it is better to follow the same style as the interior.


The second step is to create a well-lit environment. Light sources must be designed and organized according to different needs but must never be too invasive and strong. A good solution is to mix high general lighting (wall lamps or garden lights) with more targeted lighting to identify any obstacles and enhance the most beautiful areas of the terrace. Last but not least, don’t forget the low lighting (with recessed floor spotlights), which serves to create a relaxed atmosphere.


As for the furniture on the terrace of a penthouse you cannot miss a comfortable sofa or chaise lounge where you can relax, in addition to a table that can be lengthened and some spare folding chairs. For a perfect living or dining room, it is essential to have a shaded area. Depending on the space you intend to cover, you can evaluate whether to insert a tent or one or more umbrellas or build a pergola.



How to decorate a sea house terrace


If you are lucky enough to have a beach house with a terrace, you certainly cannot neglect the opportunity to make the most of your outdoor space.


During the day, the terrace can become your private solarium where you can tan in total relaxation. Therefore, deck chairs and chaise lounges cannot be missing. If you have little space, it is better to opt for resealable models. How nice is it having breakfast or enjoying your favourite drink at the end of the day, looking at the sea? To fully enjoy your terrace by the sea at any time of the day, insert at least one coffee table and a couple of chairs during the design phase. In case of limited space, choose a console or a folding table that can be attached to the railing. Finally, depending on the orientation of the house, you must not forget to set up a shaded area. Choose a sun awning, or an outdoor umbrella, obviously the one that best suits your needs, and when evaluating the options, be careful not to neglect the wind factor!


The outdoor space in the evening becomes the place to live moments of socializing and conviviality with friends and relatives. If the size of the terrace allows it, buy an extendable table to make all guests feel comfortable, which, once closed, will allow you to limit an unnecessary footprint. Finally, for lovers of summer barbecues, and location permitting, the barbecue corner cannot be missed!


Regardless of the intended use and the style you want to give to your terrace by the sea, the furnishings must be as welcoming and functional as possible. Do not skimp on the quality of outdoor furniture: it is essential to use furniture made with materials capable of withstanding the weather. It is even better if the upholstery fabrics are resistant to UV rays, chlorine and saltwater.


When choosing colours, stick to light and sunny shades, such as yellow, blue or turquoise. For the more daring, we suggest blue to combine with white to evoke the evocative atmospheres of the Greek islands, or combine with red to recreate a marine style. Among the materials most used to furnish a terrace by the sea, we find wood in light shades and fabrics that follow the natural textures such as those of linen, cotton or hemp.



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