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Buying gifts for the people we love should be pleasant and straightforward, but finding the right gift, for some, can become a real source of stress, especially if there are only a few days left until Christmas! As the fateful day draws near, going around the shops becomes more and more demanding, the streets of the city and the shopping malls are full of increasingly anxious people, sellers are increasingly frantic and so ideas become more and more confused! At this point, buying online is the most convenient and practical solution, especially for those with little time at their disposal.


In order not to risk falling back on the usual gifts (that are sometimes, let’s face it, a little too trivial), we have selected a series of design articles, thinking of objects that are not only beautiful but also very useful. To simplify things even more, we have arranged the gift ideas based on what we believe to be the most common characteristics and interests between friends and relatives. Who doesn’t have a friend who is always late? One who is a fan of cooking or wine? The one that is always too busy? So, make yourself a hot cup of tea, take your favourite plaid and lie down on the sofa. Let the Christmas purchases officially begin!





Christmas gifts for the chef (or chef-wannabe)


We all have a friend who is passionate about cooking. In this context, whether he is good or not is completely irrelevant. He will love a design object for the kitchen from which he can serve his latest culinary creations with impeccable style.


The Stone Series by Tom DIxon

The Stone line by Tom Dixon includes a set of extraordinary accessories that are made from materials that last for a long time and boast an impressive combination of materials. The collection consists of a cutting board made of Morwad marble with a removable brass saucer—ideal for serving sauces and spices—and an elegant and versatile serving dish that is perfect for serving meat, cheese or even just bread. The Stone mortar and pestle consists of a white marble bowl and an elegant brass pestle. The large rounded edge allows a firm grip while working. To complete the collection, we find the Stone spice grinder, which is not only a refined accessory to keep in plain sight but also a useful and simple tool to use. To pulverize the spices, simply roll the brass-covered cast-iron sphere.



Christmas present for the wine expert friend (AKA “the sommelier”)       

When we go out for dinner, he’s the one who tastes and chooses the wine for everyone. He boasts of many courses on tasting and the history of wines as well as vineyards. We may never know whether he is truly a wine expert or if his imaginative descriptions of aromas and fragrances are of pure fantasy. Still, he will certainly appreciate a gift dedicated to his passion.

Cattelan Italia Drop Bottle Holder

Drop is a drop-shaped bottle holder that can also be a shelf or a small bookcase. It is made of steel painted in graphite, white, black, and itanium or polished stainless steel finish with grid and rack in matte white or black lacquer

Capo d’opera Mobile Bar Aero

This tall and tapered bar unit rests on a metal structure embellished with brass details. The surface of the container is engraved with a wavy decoration. The interior, equipped with a drawer and removable tray, has mirrored walls with a delicate floral pattern. 

Elite to Be Portabottiglie Win-O

Win-O is the ideal bottle holder for displaying the most exceptional bottles safely and without obscuring the labels. The Win-O system shows the wine brand and firmly embraces the bottle without imprisoning it in the metal for rapid extraction.






Christmas gift for the friend who is always late (to the wise...)

A friend who is always late is a great classic. He is never on time, even when we give him an appointment half an hour earlier than the others. Perhaps, he lives according to a different time zone from ours, or he may have read some pseudoscientific article explaining how the latecomers are more long-lived. The fact is that he just can’t be punctual. This gift will probably be of little use for the chronic latecomer friend, but at least we take this opportunity to send a clear message.

Nomon Pendulo Clock
With its contemporary design, it redefines the concept of a pendulum clock. It is made of steel with a high concentration of nickel for maximum corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Cattelan Italia Times Clock
Time is a mirror/watch made of silk-screened glass with steel details. Its dimensions and its original design certainly do not go unnoticed. It will, therefore, be impossible for our latecomer friend not to take a look from time to time!

Discipline Piece Of Time Clock
The coloured hands indicate the time between the inlay of twelve elements of ash. Its simple but delicate design is ideal for those who love the Nordic style.





Christmas present for the workaholic friend 

Of course, he also has to work during the Christmas holidays. Sometimes we forget about his existence because he disappears from circulation for weeks to work, and we don't know which project. He spends all day in the office, and when he finishes, he retires to his home office — probably to complete that project above. It is impossible to change the habits of such a busy friend, but we can at least beautify his desk with some stylish gadgets

Brokis Mona table Lamp
The Mona collection by Brokis is characterized by a refined combination of materials and unique construction. The light source crosses the volumes, highlighting an original and engaging design. The lamp is customizable, thanks to the vast choice of colours and finishes.

Tom Dixon Desk Set Cube
The elegant Cube line is made of zinc alloy and is copper-plated and lacquered. The design is minimal, but the concrete and recesses on the side of each object allow a firm grip. This, coordinated with the stapler, object holder and dispenser for adhesive tape, is a perfect gift to imbue a sense of authority to any desk.