Fiam Mensole shelfs

Fiam Mensole shelfs

  • Manufacturer: Fiam

The Fiam Mensole are 10mm curved glass shelves. The shelves are available in four different sizes to create customizable compositions that can adapt to various aesthetic and functional needs. The glass finishes are extralight, extralight back-lacquered RAL, Nero95, fumè and bronze. The metal shelf support is available in the variant painted black or in satin aluminium. This element is suitable only for masonry walls with a thickness greater than 10cm and is not included in the price of the shelf.

For measurements on request and etched glass finishes, contact our staff.


Design: Leandro Gerussi and Carlo Mariano Sartoris


2801: 90x27xH35

2802: 120x27xH35

2803: 90x27xH70

2804: 120X27xH70


€85,00 €76,00
2801 90x27x35
2802 120x27xH35
2803 90x27x70
2804 120x27x70
Shelf bracket

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