Gan carpet Glaoui Tumbuctù

Gan carpet Glaoui Tumbuctù

  • Manufacturer: Gan

With the Tumbuctù carpet from the Glaoui series, there is a remix of primitive echoes: the primitive rhythms, colors and landscapes of Africa and India transported to today's environments. The carpet is an architectural piece that creates a new concept of space.

The innovative blend of fabric, with simple braided wool in flakes, according to the Glaoui technique that involves the combination of 3 different techniques of working: braiding, knotting, embroidery, always used separately from each other, these techniques were applied by women nomads from different regions of Morocco: Gan has developed an ad hoc procedure to repropose this type of production that makes this carpet a unique combination of tradition and modernity.

Designer: Sandra Figuerola

Dimensions: Small 170x240 cm

Big 200x300 cm

€781,00 €547,00
Carpet 200x300
Carpet 170x240

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