Gervasoni Cork Small Table

Gervasoni Cork Small Table

  • Manufacturer: Gervasoni

The Cork 41/42/44/45 small tables are in cork, they are 100% natural, and they are characherized by easy, but modern linees. The small tables can be used outdoor, but with time the color of the cork will fade when exposed to sunlight, so for this reason it is recommended to protect them from the bad weather.


Designer: Paola Navone



Cork 44: D 50 x H 30 cm 

Cork 45: D 40 x H 45 cm


Cork 41: L 50 x W 30 x H 25 cm 

Cork 42: L 50 x W 30 x H 40 cm 


Price on request
Cork 41 (L 50 x W 30 x H 25 cm)
Cork 42 (L 50 x W 30 x H 40 cm)
Cork 44 (D 50 x H 30 cm)
Cork 45 (D 40 x H 45 cm)

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