Riva 1920 Peak Table

Riva 1920 Peak Table

  • Manufacturer: Riva 1920

Table with base in solid, scented cedar wood, consisting of three radiating geometric legs manufactured from a single block, upon which rests a transparent tempered glass top. Also available with a base composed of glued boards of walnut or oak. Cedar: these are products made from completely natural, hand-manufactured wood without the addition of any treatment. Any imperfections, cracks and spots in the appearance of the wood are intrinsic characteristics of these items and result from the natural and diverse environmental effects that the wood undergoes. Other woods: base finish of oil / natural wax of vegetable origin with pine extracts.

Dimensions: D 160 x H 73 cm
D 180 x H 73 cm
D 200 x H 73 cm

€8.802,00 €6.161,00
Peak Table D 160 cm
Peak Table D 180 cm
Peak Table D 200 cm

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