• Manufacturer: MDF italia

AÏKU is the new seating collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for both the domestic and contract spaces. AÏKU is derived from the Japanese term haiku (俳 句) and indicates a short poem generally composed of three verses. Splendid poems that in a few words contain great meanings, a poetry with simple tones that eliminates lexical frills and conjunctions drawing its strength from the suggestions; for the extreme brevity requires a great synthesis of thought and image. The meaning and sound of this word reveal the concept of the project, to reconcile the paradoxes of uses and sensitivity. AÏKU knows how to be radical, but at the same time a refined architecture designed for home, office and community environments.
Two-tone polypropylene shell, obtained by injection moulding, pigmented in mass with double finish; external glossy, in white and black, internal with matt "saffiano" effect texture in different colors.
The bases are supplied in the same color as the external finish of the body, available: 4 round legs, sled, sled with arms, sled with board, 4 legs and 4 legs in solid oak wood. The variants with 4 round legs, sled in its declinations and 4 coinified legs, are stackable between them.
Designer: Jean-Marie Massaud
Dimensions: 50*55*78 - 57.6*55*78 - 59.2*55*-78

Price on request
MDF AÏKU SOFT chair: 57.6*55*78h
MDF AÏKU Chair with armrests: 59.2*55*78h
MDF AÏKUSOFT Chair with armrests and tablet: 62*55*78h
MDF AÏKU SOFT Chair 4 legs conified: 58*55*78h
MDF AÏKU Soft Chair 4 legs Wood: 50*55*78h

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