Serax Just a light Floor Lamp

Serax Just a light Floor Lamp

  • Manufacturer: Serax

All superfluous elements have been filtered away in just a Light to retain a cage-sharoed structure with 12 ribs. The lamp holder hangs simply in the cage by means of a leather noose. And yet, this composition coceals an extra option: the metal structure can be tilted 90 grade, whereby the proportions in the structure change and instantly the entire appearance of just a light as well. The light bulb is not included in the price

Designer: Hans Weyers

Dimensioni: Carre Lamp: L 30 x W 40 x H 60 cm

Pyramid Lamp: L 40 x W 24,5  x H 120 cm

Price on request
Carre Lamp: L 30 x W 40 x H 60 cm
Lamp Pyramid: L  40 x W 24,5 x H 120 cm

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