Brokis Shadows Lamp

Brokis Shadows Lamp

  • Manufacturer: Brokis

The lamps in the Shadow collection are inspired by the famous lights of French ateliers and their timeless appeal. There are so many possibilities to change the colour of glass, surface finishes and types of wood. The lights can also be combined in groups to adapt to any kind of installation. In the Shadow XL variant, Brokis offers lamps with decidedly larger sizes, but the same proportions are maintained as in the original collection. Shadows lamps have special integrated connectors to facilitate installation and cleaning.

Design: Lucie Koldova, Dan Yaffet

Price on request
PC894 SHADOWS D250 H159 PENDENT LAMP  290 X 290 X 280
PC895 SHADOWS D280 H123 PENDENT LAMP 2 / 290 X 290 X 280
PC896 SHADOWS D189 H170 PENDENT LAMP 290 X 290 X 280
PC897 SHADOWS D108 H138 PENDENT LAMP 204 X 304 X 175

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