Artemide Incalmo Lamp

Artemide Incalmo Lamp

  • Manufacturer: Artemide

Incalmo was born: from the initial concept of an optical, thermal and technological machine where every part belongs to a higher system. A human, handcrafted dimension is also taken into account, as the beauty of imperfection is discovered through a reinterpretation of blown glass. The name ‘Incalmo’ refers to a glass-blowing technique refined in Murano, Venice during the 16th century, aimed at obtaining multiple areas of different colours on the same surface. Incipit and Incalmo operate in perfect harmony, as horizontal, alternating stripes of transparent, white or grey blown glass transform its decorative body into a screening element reaching the areas below its narrower angles and diffusing light into the space. Incalmo is a metaphor for combining the evolving LED technological innovation with ancient craftsmanship skills deeply rooted in our history. The aim of this all-round project is to enhance optical performances while improving the perceived aesthetics of its presence in the environment.

Designer: Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Incalmo Ceiling, Ceiling Lamp: D 39,2 x H 60,3 cm Crystal diffusor. Colors available: white, grey
Incalmo 214 CeilingCeiling Lamp: D 24 x H 38,7 cm Glass 214 diffusor. Colors available: white, grey
Incalmo Suspension, Suspension Lamp: D 39,2 x H 53,2 (max 200) cm Crystal diffusor. Colors available: white, grey
Incalmo 214 SuspensionSuspension Lamp:  D 24 x H 32 (max 200) cm Glass 214 diffusor. Colors available: white, grey



€980,00 €833,00
Incalmo Ceiling
Incalmo 214 Ceiling
Incalmo Suspension
Incalmo 214 Suspension

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