Modà Replica Mirror

Modà Replica Mirror

  • Manufacturer: Modà

The Replica series is characterized by a frame with classical lines in carved beechwood, whereas the mirror is natural. The different sizes of the Replica Mirrors allow them to adapt to any home areas. Back panel is either 4mm or 6mm according to the size of the mirror. Nylon feet for resting on the ground. Can be mounted  vertically or horizontally.




W 100 x D 3,5 x H 100 cm 

W 193 x D 4,5 x H 193 cm


W 100 x D 4,5 x H 193 cm 


€1.507,00 €1.085,00
Specchio Replica W 100 x H 100 cm
Specchio Replica W 100 x H 193 cm
Specchio Replica W 193 x H 193 cm