Elite To Be Wine Bookcase (Vertical)

Elite To Be Wine Bookcase (Vertical)

  • Manufacturer: Elite to be

The wine library is modular, so it adapts to multiple environments such as kitchens, cellars, bars, restaurants, but also small unused spaces in the attic or living area. The Elite To Be bottle holder is the ideal solution for storing bottles of different sizes, both horizontally and vertically, ensuring proper wine storage. Sides in solid oak enrich the simple and modern design, and the different colours allow the characterization of the different environments.


F06 bottle holder: 25 x 12/18 x H75 (6 bottles vertically)
F08a bottle holder: 25 X12 / 18 x H100 (8 bottles vertically)
F08b bottle rack: 50 x 12/18 x H50 (8 bottles vertically)
F16 bottle rack: 50 x 12/18 x H100 (16 vertical bottle)
F18 bottle rack: 75 x 12/18 x H75 (18 vertical bottle)

Price on request
Bottle-rack F06
Bottle-rack F08a
Bottle-rack F08b
Bottle-rack F16
Bottle-rack F18

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