Elite To Be Wine Bookcase (Horizontal)

Elite To Be Wine Bookcase (Horizontal)

  • Manufacturer: Elite to be

Elite To Be bottle holders are the ultimate expression of modularity. These bottle holders allow you to equip walls of different sizes, from small unused spaces in the kitchen to large cellars. The precious wood finishes and the vast choice of colours available transform the bottle holders into real wine bookcases, an original and functional piece of furniture.



  • F12 bottle rack: 50 x 24/34 x H 50 (12 horizontal bottles)
  • F24a bottle holder: 50 x 24/34 x H100 (24 horizontal bottles)
  • F24b bottle holder: 75 x 24/34 x H75 (24 horizontal bottles)



Price on request
Bottle-rack F12
Bottle-rack F24a
Bottle-rack F24b

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