Tomasella Kalista series

Tomasella Kalista series

  • Manufacturer: Tomasella

Its name in greek means beautiful: the Kalista series is actually composed by real furnishing accessories, design objects that can give a touch of strong personality to any environment.

Kalista of pure design piece is also necessary transformed into original and functional table top. Its slim silhouette, elegant and absolutely unobtrusive makes it suitable for many areas of the home: the kitchen and the living area, a hall or bathroom, and of course the bedroom;

The structure is made of matt lacquered metal in various colors available: from the more neutral, such as white, black and all their shades, to the more strong and vibrant colors like coral, yellow, teal and l ' olive; the pink, light blue and lilac shades are also suitable to decorate the kids' rooms.

Of Kalista there are several versions: Kalista table, Kalista bench, Kalista midi and Kalista side.

Dimensions: side table: W 27 x D 36 x H 80 cm

bench: W 80 x P 36 x H 80 cm

midi: W 60 x P 40 x H 160 cm

side: W 45 x P 24 x H 210 cm

€183,00 €128,00
Kalista side table
Kalista midi
Kalista fianco

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