Battistella - Nidi Graphic Blackboard

Battistella - Nidi Graphic Blackboard

  • Manufacturer: Battistella - Nidi

Thanks to the Graphic rewritable blackboard, we allow to our children to express their imagination. Your children can learn  by  paint, write and draw,  which will became a pure entertainment. The Graphic blackboard it is available in different dimensions,  and it is possible to choose the position of pen holder or on the right or on the left. 



L 90 x W 2,2 x H 36,6 cm

L 120 x W 2,2 x H 36,6 cm 

L 90 x W 2,2 x H 73,2 cm 

L 120 x W 2,2 x H 73,2 cm 


€99,00 €84,00

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