Battistella - Nidi Nursery

Battistella - Nidi Nursery

  • Manufacturer: Battistella-Nidi

Design, quality, technology and service are the mainstays of Battistella. These aspects talk about the company's history, written by real people and full of winning ideas, demanding projects and challenges that involve all those who have contributed to making the company a solid and dynamic concern for more than half a century. Ongoing investments in research, and product optimisation through the use of new production and computer-aided technologies, have always been of fundamental importance in the company's philosophy since its foundation, projecting it towards goals that constantly improve its results.
This company philosophy is capable of making the past, present and future communicate and of integrating traditional, handicraft, care over detail with the competitiveness of industrial production, with due regard to environmental protection because we are well aware that this will be the greatest challenge for future generations.


Follow the link below to view all available finishes of these bedrooms.
Dimensions: standard or oversized on project

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