Lago Fluttua bed and sidebed

Lago Fluttua bed and sidebed

  • Manufacturer: Lago

You can now sleep suspended in the air, with Fluttua, the world’s first suspended bed, defying the forces of gravity and supported by a single height-adjustable leg.  It is an essential design that gives shape to the lightness of dreams and emotions. Available in two variants: rectangular and round.
Since there is no frame surrounding the bed, you save a lot of space and every centimetre of the Fluttua bed is reserved for rest and practicality. A bed without corners is child-friendly and means you can move around freely with nothing to bang into.

Supported by a single leg, it is extremely easy to clean under the bed. And since there are no corners, making the bed is a breeze.

The central support is a patented design and can be used to adjust the height of the bed when it is installed. The system of anchoring the bed to the wall makes it even more solid and secure.

The openings in the HPL base let air circulate, providing a built-in way of keeping the mattress aired out.

Fluttua lets you enjoy all of the emotion of sleeping while floating in the air. The optional light under the base makes the atmosphere even more magical, creating the bedroom of your dreams.

To customise the Fluttua bed, you can choose between a glass or leather headboard, which can be covered with fabric or Eco leather. Or you can choose a Wildwood headboard, which creates a welcoming atmosphere with the warmth of its wood.

Supported by a single supporting leg, the Fluttua bed fully expresses the LAGO approach to design, characterised by the ability to be both innovative and irreverent.

Meticulous engineering and rigorous weight load testing are what make the wonder of the design possible, guaranteeing maximum safety while sleeping. This suspended bed can support two people weighing up to 140 kg each while sleeping or two people weighing up to 120 kg each while seated on the edges.

Designer: Daniele Lago
Floor L 154 x P 200 x H 28/42 cm to 160x200 cm mattress matched with headboard in white leather W 160 x D 5 x H 37 cm

Suspended sidebed with glossy glass front made of two drawers, the first one L 73,6 x D 40,6 x H 18,4 cm and the second one L 36,8 x D 40,6 x H 18,4 cm

Suspended sidebed with glossy glass front made of one drawer L 73,6 x D 40,6 x H 18,4 cm


€3.924,00 €3.531,00

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