Bora Classic Cooktop and cooktop extractor

Bora Classic Cooktop and cooktop extractor

  • Manufacturer: Bora

BORA Classic is a combination of a high-quality extractor and various powerful cooktops.

Minimalistic design, attractive appearance and the broadest range of modular cooktops enable maximum flexibility in freely designed kitchens.  BORA is synonymous with attractive understatement: flush installation and minimalistic aesthetics allow the cooktops and extractor to blend into the kitchen architecture. Simply smart and intuitive, BORA Classic can be precisely controlled with the swipe of a fingertip.Whether for kitchen counters or cooking islands,thanks to their slimline dimensions, BORA Classic elements can be integrated into almost any kitchen.

We suction cooking vapours and odours away precisely where they arise: directly at the cooktop, from pots, roasters, frying pans or grills. And we do this not by magic, but by applying the basic principles of fluid mechanics. We simply use a cross flow which is greater than the rising speed of the cooking vapour.BORA draws off odours and grease particles directly from the cookware. This prevents cooking vapours from rising up and spreading annoyingly throughout the whole room.  The grease particles released during cooking are effectively trapped in the stanless steel grease filter. It is like cooking in the fresh air.   

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